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Drinks with the bell

Here you will find some recipes with which you can make a delicious long drink/cocktail from the bell

can do magic. Get inspired or share your own creations on Instagram.

Clamp Columbia

4 cl clamp

12 cl pineapple juice

1/8 mango (or 4 cl mango juice)

6 ice cubes in the blender  

Final Dash: Angostura Bitters


Le Schelle Amer

4-6 cl clamp

1cl Cointreau

20cl Schweppes Bitter Orange

Squeeze 1/4 lime & add

Sour clamp

4-6 cl clamp

20cl Schweppes Fruity Lemon

2 x 1/8 lime

1 x mint

Winter clamp

4 cl clamp

16 cl cocoa

Mix well!

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